Mixture of moods designs a bedroomv

Mixture of moods designs a bedroom

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A well-furnished bedroom is what every couple wants. This is for a lazy person who spends most of the time in the bedroom. When there are mixtures of colours, it indicates that a person is very choosy or moody. He is unstable with his decisions, very likely to make a firm decision. The opening in the bedroom has ample space to give out and gain air making this bedroom quite airy.

The bedspread is of a variety of yellow colour and the pillow covers of a variety of blue that gives a very new combination of mixed feelings. The thin bedspread of somewhat transparent yellow colour is giving a tint of melodrama feeling. The cupboards of different colours indicate a very awesome sense of creativity indicated in white and brown cupboards. The side table with flowers on it is very beautiful and can mesmerize the people with its beautiful fragrance.

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  1. virginia fericelli says:

    Hermosas decoraciones…

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