Rustic Look - A way to come closer with nature

Rustic Look – A way to come closer with nature

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These days designing a bedroom in a different way is in fashion. A manner in which this can be done is to design it traditionally in a rustic way. The rustic way may be defined as rough, charmingly easy, unfussy, raunchy, and incomplete but still endearing. It gives you a feeling of living with nature. When designing such bedrooms, we need to take care that the accessories need to be raw and related to nature. The furniture should be of natural woods like cedar, mahogany with rough surfaced finishes, linens should be handmade like khadi, jute or leather based.

The floor ought to be preferably made from wood or lined with wood texture carpet. To include more traditional turn, place a few baskets made up of bamboo filled with fruits, flowers on the mahogany table. Place some earthen pots with plants and flowers in the corners. For illumination, earthen lamps, brass candle holders, oil or hanging lanterns can be used, all of which can be transformed into an electric light rather. Also employ either wrought iron or wooden chandelier for better rustic illumination.

Colours should be chosen with regard to the wood texture, earthen shades like barn red, doldrums or green would gel well with the ambience. A fire place along one of the walls will only add to the grace of the ambience.

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