Where life is ecstasy and a bliss

Where life is ecstasy and a bliss

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A luxurious bedroom is one in which every aspect of living has been redefined. In this bedroom, proper amount of space is given for windows where ample amount of light can enter. Therefore more brightness enters the room during daytime .During night; breathtaking views can be enjoyed right from the place where one sleeps.

The flooring is done immaculately well and so is the background having a wood finish. The bed has a purplish color covering adding to the elegance and the color contrast and so do the colors of the wall above which have the night light perfectly placed. The flooring is well done and the easy chair is correctly placed as well. The files shelf is very easily accessible from the bed and hence is well worked out .The light above the shelf illuminates the file shelf finely. The light coming out of the show lamp on the right side is showcasing the background of the bedroom.

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