Wood and marble work done splendidly well

Wood and marble work done splendidly well

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The rooms in which Kings and Queens used to live in the past are very rare these days in the list of bedrooms offered today. The bed is king sized offering ample space for both the people and also providing luxury. The marble finishing at the background has a princely touch to it and so does the sofa in front of the bed which has an aristocrat feeling.

The two bed lights are placed well at a proper height as well. The green plants at the corner of the room provide the green touch to the room. The two ceiling lights at the top illuminate the room spectacularly and also leave behind a reflection on the shining floor having a wooden finish giving it a premium look. The TV is placed at the other corner with a lamp illuminating it at night .The separate couch spaced for the purpose of watching TV, is well planned as it provides the right tinge of luxury.

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