Flawless mix of nature and style

Flawless mix of nature and style

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The room is aptly designed and has close resemblance with the nature. All the shades are perfect match with the elegance of nature and give a peaceful and relaxing in the room. The window is wide and beautiful to have ample amount of clean air to come in. The chair is highlighting and will work perfect as a relaxing couch.

The size of the bed side table is ample enough and a larger size increases its utility. The seamless curtains give a glow to the windows. The white mercuric lights are soothing and relaxing. The green blocked texture is simple yet unique. The room is certainly a perfect blend of colors. A multicolored rug gives stress to the bed and exaggerates the beauty of the simple bed. The indoor plant is like a touch of nature to the room and is well placed to match the theme of this natural room.

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