A humble slumbering abode for the weary

A humble slumbering abode for the weary

Jun 11 • Bedroom Designs • 2277 Views • No Comments on A humble slumbering abode for the weary

The first thought that strikes the mind when one beholds this cosy bedroom is the comfort quotient and the plush interiors, which should be the soul of a typical bedroom but rarely is, owing to the hectic lifestyle of office goers. The bedroom has a soothing colour scheme with an ample use of beige and cream, across the walls, the floors and even the rugs on the floor.

A large master bed with thick and comfortable mattress soothes the senses, when one reclines upon it after a day of hard work and is perfect for de-stressing. A television is set against the wood panel across the wall and faces the bed and comes in handy during the nigh time viewing of news and other programs. A comfortable white armchair rests on one side of the room with a small wooden table holding little odds and ends stands before it.

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