Spacious bedroom in black and white

Spacious bedroom in black and white

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This is a bedroom design that stays in your mind long after you have seen it; such is the charm and elegance of it. The spaciousness of this particular bedroom is very alluring, the light and shade making wonderful shapes as they play with this space. The walls are an immaculate white with interesting wood panels breaking the monotony of the colour scheme.

The Bed is also a hotbed of colours with grey and white being used alternately in the pillow and mattress scheme creating a very chic look. There is a small wooden rack at one corner of the room, with a number of vases perched on it. Another black and white divan sits on one end with the same carpet of the floor beneath it complementing each other in a way that lends a smart sophistication to the room. There is ample amount of light and fresh air filtering into the room from tall glass windows.

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