Awesomely trendy and funky room

Awesomely trendy and funky room

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This bedroom has a real trendy look and will be loved by a person full of life and joy. In spite of this pink color this room does not boasts itself to be a girly room. The room has a right combination of all the colors and all the colors are matched well to complement with each other. Neither of the colors used are out of their place. The room has all the facilities to soothe and calm one.

The couch is a piece that can be used simply to relax and read and also work on a laptop. The zebra print carpet is the emphasizing prop of this room. The lights and light shoe piece on the ceiling is perfect to bring a sparkling glow and lighten up the room. The bed sheet and pillow colors are matched with the carpet and altogether complement the room of its colors and style.

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  1. Chayanne Cruz says:

    LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!

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