White bedroom with sleek lines

White bedroom with sleek lines

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This bedroom exudes the air of a very soothing environment, for wary members of the household who want nothing better than a good night’s sleep. The colour scheme follows the sensibility of the room, keeping mostly to white and shades of pale mauve. The floors are fashioned from a rich auburn wood with a polished finish for that glossy colour that offsets the other less vibrant shades of the room perfectly.

The most distinctive feature in the room is the painting, in abstract swatches of colour that completely change the décor and pristine feel of the bedroom. The mesmerising pattern and colours of the painting works wonders for this otherwise, minimalistic room. The two globular lamps kept elevated at different heights on both sides of the bed are a smart way of jazzing up the room. Being the bedroom, the lighting intensity is kept perfectly moderated by the ceiling panel lighting. The sleek lines of the room in its many facets form a charming new addition to interior decoration.

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