Bedroom: A feel free place

Bedroom: A feel free place

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A bedroom is a private room where people can relax and can get away from the tension associated with busy schedules. A bedroom is the place where a person goes to sleep. It is said that about one third of our lives are spent sleeping, so the existence of a bedroom plays a vital part in our day to day lives. For a bedroom to be called a “bedroom” the most important thing needed is a bed.

The design of a bedroom is done in such a way that it contains almost every basic necessity which a particular individual needs to lead a happy life, like a closet, nightstand, desk, dresser, rug, a television, soft lighting, fresh air, and the like. An individual spends the maximum amount of time in the bedroom, so the color of the walls chosen should ensure warmth and comfort while spending time in the room. Good house interior plants are used to decorate and radiate the room to for a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. An attached bathroom for every bedroom is a must so that the privacy factor is considered.

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    Like that one.

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    hello sir
    this is very useful site, for house design, but plz you can do expendidly well if you add more designs of house dimension of rooms,kitchen , bedroom ,dining, porch,loby, stairs(location of these steps)prayer room,with dimensions of these all, plz i need these things for me , thanks

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