Saving Space In Your Bedroom

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Bedroom Designs For A Small Bedroom Space : Small bedrooms instil a certain cosiness and warmth that can never be recreated in a larger bedroom. However, the real challenge in designing this small space lies in walking the fine line between comfortable and crammed. Add the wrong elements or even too many of the right ones and the bedroom can quickly look cluttered, but by using the right palette, smart storage solutions and proper furniture placement, you can meet this decorating challenge with style and ease.

Use A Simple Colour Scheme : Limiting the colour palette by using the same or similar shades for the walls, furnishing and bedding instantly creates the illusion of a bigger space. Avoid dark, bold paints that make the room look boxed-in. Walls in bright hues and pastels work so much better when you want to open up the space. Painting the ceiling white is one of the best ways to give the room a sense of added height and space.

Opt For Sleeker Furniture : Your choice of furniture can make a world of a difference to how open or closed up your bedroom looks. Avoid bulky, teak or carved furniture that takes up too much space. With their sleek, straight lines and efficient design and construction, Swedish and Asian furniture is the best choice for smaller bedrooms. When it comes to space efficiency, nothing beats a futon, which can be converted from a daytime sofa into a night-time bed.

Choose Smart Storage Solutions : Storage is often a premium in smaller bedrooms. Consider the layout carefully so you can take advantage of every inch of spare space. Choose your wardrobe carefully to fit into the available space or get bespoke wardrobes built to measure. Look for wardrobes that extend to the ceiling. That space cannot be used for anything else – you may as well use it for storage. Ditch the standard armoires and dressers and opt for modular furniture instead. If you are running woefully short of space, take a look at beds with storage.

Arrange Your Furniture Well : Place your furniture in such a way that it creates plenty of space for you to move around. A bed in the centre of the room may look beautiful in a larger bedroom but it can be inconvenient in a smaller bedroom. Place it against the wall instead and you will find you have so much more space for your other bedroom furniture.

Adorn the Walls with Mirrors : Mirrors add depth and dimension to a small bedroom and make the room look more spacious. Hanging one large mirror on one wall will instantly create the illusion of more space. Several smaller mirrors grouped together on another wall will help create lot of visual interest.

Make Use of Your Vertical Space : It’s amazing how quickly your floor space can fill up with just a double or queen sized bed, your wardrobe and 2 nightstands on either side of the bed. While some things just have to stay on the floor, making use of your vertical space will help keep your bedroom functional without cluttering up the space. A wall mounted shelf above the headboard is a brilliant alternative to floor standing nightstands. Straw baskets hung from mountable rods provide ample additional space for holding your toiletries and assorted items.

These few tips will help you straddle the space, comfort and functionality aspects of a bedroom without compromising on any one.

BIO : Diana Jackson is a professional interior (and exterior) decorator of 15 years from South East of England. Diana write regularly on topics of DIY – this article was on behalf of Doors Sincerely

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