Picture perfect it is

Picture perfect it is

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In today’s world paintings have made much more of a difference and touched more lives as compared to the old era. A perfect painting doesn’t make it count if it is placed in the wrong place in the bedroom. In this though, the painting is placed at the right place at the center of the room the center of attraction. The various dance steps being depicted in the painting adds to the special effect to the beautiful yet elegant painting .The book shelf at one corner of the bed is perfectly placed and is accessible easily when seated.

The room light at the top center of the room is illuminating all the corners of the room thereby serving the purpose .The glitzy and shining flooring is well done and adds to the beauty of the room and as do the two other corner bed lights placed perfectly at the corner of the bed on the two sides. The light coming in from the center light also properly illuminates the painting perfectly.

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