Beautiful by day - Splendid by night

Beautiful by day – Splendid by night

Jan 12 • Bedroom Designs • 4463 Views • No Comments on Beautiful by day – Splendid by night

This bedroom is perfect if one wants to start their day beautifully and make it more splendid by night. The lightings are just perfect to suit the different moods during the day and night. A small wardrobe adds more drama and the multi utility table assists for various purposes. A soft and cozy sofa near the bed is certainly the best place to relax for a short time.

The twin colors of the walls blend well with each other and are perfect compliments. A plain white sheet on the bed to highlight the place, an ethnic study chair the room has it all in itself. The work on the ceiling is simple yet creative to suit the mood of the room and also giving it a splendid and artistic view. After a hectic schedule this room is perfectly a piece to spend a splendid moment to relax and chill.

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