Slick Bedroom Design

Slick Bedroom Design

Jan 18 • Bedroom Designs • 1471 Views • No Comments on Slick Bedroom Design

The slick bedroom design takes care of the basic structure in the room with the no fuss theme. The style is contemporary and every item in the room is recycled. The flooring radiates a linoleum look but in essence is vitrified with the skirting a basic brown-black blending with the dark wooden dressing table space.

Lighting above the bed is intelligently spaced out ensuring that reading is an option as with a switch nearby. The windows in the bedroom are structured so that no external elements are encouraged into the periphery of the room. Recycled blinds complete the picture. Artistic paintings are interspersed in a structured manner and the vase in the corner strikes a pose with a designer look to the entire bedroom. A no fuss low maintenance structured bedroom keeping with the latest trends. A pedestal lampshade illuminating a designer theme to the bedroom completes the look.

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