The two colors which are here to stay

The two colors which are here to stay

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Black and white were two of the most preferred colors for all possible things in the olden days, nothing different now. The bedroom above can be used as both the TV room as well as the usual bedroom. The silver finishing of the bed gives it a premium look with the cube like seats at one end of the bedroom .

The television is placed at a good height for the eyes thereby providing a wonderful experience on the whole. The bigger portrait is illuminated by the room light present at the centre and so are the two smaller portraits at the opposite end. Right amount of light tends to fall on both the sides of the room illuminating the portraits splendid view. The windows are placed very well with the window blinds covering them during night time. The lamps running through the ceiling of the room tend to illuminate the room to give a dazzling immaculate bedroom one can ever dream of.

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