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Colour Trends 2013: The Best Shades for Your Home

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modern style bedroomThere is very little that can refresh and revive a room more quickly and more affordably than colour. Whether it’s a new shade on the walls or a quick change of accessories, changing the colours in a room can take it from drab to exciting in minutes, or take an overpowering or dramatic room and make it more relaxing and restful.

While we all have our own colour preferences and tastes in décor, there are some colour schemes that can instantly date a room. Remember the avocado and harvest gold of the 1970s, or mauve and forest green combinations of the late 1980s that appeared in nearly every home? Today a room with one of those schemes is considered hopelessly dated, or even ugly.

Still, following current colour trends is important when you’re decorating your home, especially if you have purchased one of the many available home and land packages and plan to sell your current home for top dollar. If you’re considering making a change to your home in the next few months, consider incorporating one of these up-to-the-minute colour schemes.

Hot New Neutral: Shades of Grey

While a certain popular book suggested that there were 50 shades of this hue, there are actually far more variations — and they are popping up in every room of the house. Grey tends to be cool and sophisticated, but with the right accessories and accent colours, it can actually be quite warm and inviting. Avoid decorating the entire room in shades of grey, as it can quickly become dull and institutional looking; instead, combine grey with yellow, orange or bright green for a playful look, or combine warm shades of grey with blue, purple, or brown hues for a calming and relaxing room.

Unexpected Delight: Purple

According to Pantone, purple is one of the hottest shades of 2013, especially warm purples. From pale violet and orchid shades to deeper tones of eggplant, purple is showing up in furniture, accessories and paint this year. Pair purple with deep shades of brown and accessories in cool grey or silver for a room that’s romantic, sophisticated and on-trend. If purple walls or upholstery are just too dramatic for you, add a splash of the shade with new pillows or a throw.

Colour of the Year: Emerald Green

Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2013 is emerald green, a shade that the company calls “balanced.” Green is a natural colour associated with growth, renewal and healing, so it brings a fresh, positive energy into the home. Consider pairing emerald green with black, white or tan to complement the neutrals, or with navy blue or bright yellow for a cheerful, preppy look.

An Enduring Classic: Navy Blue

If there is one colour that nearly every expert agrees upon for 2013, it’s navy blue. Clean, classic and looks good with everything, this shade is growing in popularity as a wall colour for bedrooms and an accent colour for other rooms. A classic navy and white colour scheme with bright yellow or gold accents creates a nautical feeling, while navy combined with grey or brown tones is a relaxing and sophisticated palette.

Other Trends: Coastal and Rustic-Inspired Tones

Coastal-inspired colour schemes with shades of blue, cream and tan, have been popular for several years and show no signs of going anywhere. Try painting the walls with a rich cream or grey-tinted brown shade and adding accessories in clear shades of light blue or turquoise; a few pops of bright coral or tangerine are on trend and add interest.
On the other end of the spectrum, colour schemes inspired by rustic and rural life are also growing in popularity. Think shades of brown, grey and cream punctuated by shades of orange-tinted or deep red, muted yellow and olive green. The overall effect is warm and comforting.

Again, the colours you choose for your home are a personal decision, based on your preferences, the features of your home and your budget. However, considering the current trends in colour can help guide your home décor choices and keep your interiors looking fresh, stylish and up-to-date.

About the Author: Molly Merrill writes about home décor and decorating for a popular home blog. The mother of two, she describes her own home’s style as kid-friendly chaos.

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