Create a Stunning Formal Dining Room in Your Own Home

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The dining room is often an over looked, seldom used room within the house. Most homeowners picture themselves entertaining family and friends around a beautiful table in this part of their home, but in reality, many people end up ignoring this space. This may be due to the fact that it just isn’t decorated nicely or that it is inconvenient. It is probably easier to simply allow guests to eat in the kitchen and call it a day it, but with a few simple steps, you can turn your dining room into a place you will want to spend all of your time in.

The Walls and Floor

The walls and floor will set the tone in any formal dining room. Begin by selecting a color. You want the walls to stand out as an independent room while still coordinating with the rest of your home. Consider whether the rest of the house is done in neutrals, pastels, or bold colors. Keep this same pattern within the dining room. If the room has a chair rail and wainscoting, you will be able to select two hues. Once this color is established, you can choose a flooring. Hardwood is a popular trend for dining areas, but don’t be afraid to choose carpeting or tiles. The important thing is to make sure it looks good with your wall color.

The Furniture

Before you begin shopping for the furniture, you need to answer a few questions. How big is the dining room, and how many people do you plan on entertaining? Measure the square footage of the space to avoid buying pieces that are too large. Small tables with only four chairs are more than enough for the average family, but if you will frequently have extended family joining you, a larger table will work best. Look for one that includes leaves that can be added when needed. A set that includes a french provincial dining table are in style for formal dining rooms. You can find them at reputable furniture stores such as Hudson Furniture. Be sure to buy all pieces, like buffets and hutches, at the same time to ensure a coordinated look.

The Accessorises

Now that you have the walls and floors completed and the furniture in place, it is time to add the accessories. These are the items that will make the room feel comfortable and inviting. Look for things that match the furniture in style and tone. A large piece of wall art can fill oversized walls while small plates make the perfect surround for a china hutch. Use window treatments, chair pads, and placements to soften the space, and include a floral centerpiece to complete the formal feeling. Don’t forget to ad family photos for a personal touch.

Once you have painted the walls and picked out the perfect flooring, added beautiful furniture, and complete your project with just the right accessories, you’ll have that formal dining room you’ll love within your own home. Here you will be able to proudly entertain family and friends for evening meals, holidays, and other special occasions.

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