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Creating The Moroccan Theme With Tiles

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With its beautifully rich colours and signature curved archways the Moroccan theme is continuing to show popularity within the interiors world. This increase in interest has seen the Moroccan theme spread across the home to include bathrooms and kitchens. With this in mind, the team at Tile Monkey have some advise on how you too can bring that exotic Moroccan tile look in to your home by using key statement features and most importantly, tiles.


That distinctive look of the Moroccan tile dates all the way back to pre the 8th century. They began to show prevalence when Islamic artists decorated their tiles with patterns as opposed to depictions of animals so to follow with their religious teachings. These patterns were being painted on to terracotta tiles before these eventually migrated to Spain where they would become an iconic aesthetic for the Spanish culture. The pattern created and adopted by these Islamic artists would become known as Zellige. The pattern required intense attention to detail to create that beautiful, dreamy look were accustomed to today.

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Pattern and Colour

The first step to creating that Moroccan look is to choose a colour that is in keeping with the theme. A key tip to choosing the right colour is to draw inspiration from the environment. Think oceanic blues or desert hues and you will immediately be in the right mindset for that Moroccan design. The lush reds and oranges or lagoon greens and purples will instantly whisk you away to a faraway place. No Moroccan look is complete without that all important Zellige for a signature finish.

Modern Twists

While fully embodying the Moroccan theme can create a bold, daring and exciting look you can still definitely take the theme and introduce it subtly to your home for a modern interpretation. The modern Moroccan look incorporated with other contemporary furniture and colours makes for a stunning combination of both old and new. Sticking to the key tile shapes and patterns but paired with neutral colours such as beiges or whites will create just a hint of that Moroccan look without being too dramatic. As well as this, using themed furniture pieces such as mirrors, candles and metallic accessories will further secure that Moroccan look in your home.

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If you’re new to tiling and you’re looking to redecorate your home, the best way to think of tiles are as the foundations to your project. The foundations are critical to the success of the rest of the design. This is especially true with the Moroccan theme considering how imperative and historically important the tile is to the whole theme. Sourcing Moroccan tiles on todays market is incredibly easy and can massively improve the general aesthetic of your home. The tiles paired with detailed textiles and metal ornaments can bring that magic Moroccan atmosphere to your home with ease.

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