Dining room: Brings everybody together

Dining room: Brings everybody together

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A dining room is a room for consuming food. It is one of the major components inside a house where everybody can assemble and eat together. This room becomes a source of sharing thoughts as various members of the family sit together for a meal to discuss their experiences throughout the day with one another. This room is placed adjacent to the kitchen so that it is convenient to serve food.

The dining room consists of a long rectangular table at the centre. Nowadays, various other fancy shapes and designs have become common. Earlier, the dining table was made of wood but these days fancy glass dining tables are in vogue. The table is surrounded by a number of dining chairs depending upon the size of the family, commonly 6 chairs are used. To make a dining room look even fancier various drawers are constructed to keep the crockery and the expensive utensils. It is used as a status symbol with guests and a perfectly carved dining table makes for good dinner conversation.

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