Circular - Square Dining Room Design

Circular – Square Dining Room Design

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A bar at home! Wow – who would have thought! Well I guess with this dining room-living area designer theme, there would be more friends dropping by for a sip of the bubbly. High pub chairs complete the bar-counter. The round table with extremely comfortable and well padded chairs will ensure that no one leaves the table in this dining room design.

Circular indentations in the ceiling accommodate a cluster of focal lights illuminating the entire room. The checked element for the walls is spunky and compliments the doors. The entire dining room design and living room too are fitted with wall-to-wall carpeting. Glass wooden cabinets accommodate the booze and crockery creates a homely yet funky feel in this yuppie style dining-living design. The curved sofa set and round large comfy cushioned stool shouts out fun personified in this dining room designer themed affair. Throw cushions compliment the circular-square designer theme.

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