Private Dining Room

Private Dining Room

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A private dining room away from the maddening rush of the living area makes a nice safe haven when you want some peace and quiet. The four chair dining table boasts of teak wood, probably old school but excellent in the long run. Three vertical lamps add the warm fuzzy feel in the dining room design. The floral arrangement in the center of the dining table looks pretty.

Greenery with the indoor plants also brings in nature to the dining room. At the further end of the room is a floor vase replete with designer brooms that look interesting. The windows add natural light to the room. Venetian blinds compliment the frame and keep out the harsh rays of the sun too. The flooring has a marble look but in actuality the tiles are vitrified in this dining room design. A sliding door to the left is connected to the kitchen making it convenient while dining.

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