Formal dining area

Formal dining area

Aug 4 • Dining Room Designs • 4277 Views • 1 Comment on Formal dining area

Our daily food affects our health and so is the aura of the dining room. Here is a completely modern and sophisticated dining area for two people. White walls and brown wooden floor are setting up in a very trendy contrast giving a formal touch to the complete set up.

The coffee colored carpet on the brown wooden floor is also a very stylish combination. The dining table is completely made out of glass which is altogether adding up to the contemporary factor. White chairs with the dining table are of a stylish design and are contributing to the formal look of the dining room.

The grey unit on the wall as well as the lamp just above the dining table is also an example of modern interior designing. Summing up, this is a formal dining area with modern furniture and fittings set in a nice contrast of white and brown colors.

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