Dinner time for the family

Dinner time for the family

Jun 12 • Dining Room Designs • 1642 Views • No Comments on Dinner time for the family

Food is a very special part of our life, and where you eat, it is important. This simple desk chair arrangement would appeal to those who mean work. It is precise in its design; it caters to all your needs and does not fail to leave an imprint on you. The simple light coloured wood and minimal cutlery adds to its charm. It is not over the top, and does not turn into an eyesore.

What makes it special is the economy of space and the utility-function. In the background, wood dominates and adds an old world feeling to the room. However, the soft white-ceramic accessories form the major part of aesthetics here. The window overlooking the street is yet another enticing feature, which will not fail to attract your attention. The colour-white dominates this theme. The wooden finish to furniture is brilliant and holds your attention. Not anyone with an eye for detail and a collector of simple items will ignore this design.

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