Bold & Beautiful Dining Room

Bold & Beautiful Dining Room

Jun 13 • Dining Room Designs • 1684 Views • No Comments on Bold & Beautiful Dining Room

The rich contrast of steel-black interiors and rich wooden texture of the floor gives this dining space an unparallel appeal. It amalgamates the bold exuberance of black and calming influence of the greens in the background. The white window panels contrasting the dark texture on the walls, makes this dining experience worth having.

The simple, minimalistic design is the striking feature of this dining room, giving it its modern appeal. The pattern on the wooden flooring and the wall-size window adds the old world charm to this room. The sleek furniture adds to the simplicity of this design, again capturing the traditional aura in a modern theme. The different shades of black makes this room unconventional, and there in lays the refreshing charm of this unique dining experience. Add to that, the natural lighting and polished earthenware, and this room comes alive.

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