A classic dining room

A classic dining room

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It is an example of a classic dining room perfectly apt for a mansion. The total set up of the room gives an aristocratic feeling. Each and every belonging of the room reflects their own class and delicacy. The furniture is very stylish and sophisticated. The color of the room is contrasted very intelligently. The combination of colors also provides the room with an added charm.

The long table is spacious enough to accommodate the whole family and the guests in it. The pendant lamp and the side lamp represent an example of classic and delicate beauty. In fact the pendant lamp acts as one of the focal point of attraction of the room. The big glass windows give a luminous effect to the room. The black, vivacious rug on the floor adds to further elegance to the room giving it a tantalizing effect. The interior décor of the room would not only leave your guest stunned but also spellbound.

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