A sober dining room yet attractive

A sober dining room yet attractive

Aug 15 • Dining Room Designs • 1801 Views • No Comments on A sober dining room yet attractive

There are lots of items, which you should take into your consideration when you are furnishing your dining room. First thing is what is going to be purpose of your room? What will perfectly match with furniture you have? What will create a best impression over visitors and guests? Which color will be able to give you a feeling that you are at home and comfortable? Before you decide what color or colors you should paint on walls, first decide your priority. Whether it is to express yourself, to create one peaceful environment or be practical.

In this sober looking dining room, there is use of two colors. Walls, floor, curtains, chandelier and crockery are portraying white color, which is acting as a base for other color in room. Dark tan wooden table top, wooden blocks and paintings on wall are matching perfectly and are looking gorgeous too. Legs of dining table are complementing shiny marble flooring.

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