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Downlights vs Oyster Lights. Who’s Brighter?

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Modern lighting brings with it a new level of illumination, and with LED units, one can achieve a high level of light, while using a small amount of energy. LED downlights are very popular in Australia, as millions of homeowners have made the switch, and after an initial outlay to buy the units, the homeowner will see a sizeable reduction in energy consumption.

LED – A more efficient source of light

As far as efficiency is concerned, this is measured in lumens per watt, which really shows the efficiency of light emitting diodes. A traditional halogen downlight would consume 55 watts, while LED ranges from 4.5 to 14 watts, making it a much more eco-friendly alternative. LED solutions are not only a more eco-friendly choice, they also offer a wide range of light spectrums, and with dimmer switches, one can finely tune the ambience at any time.

The brightness factor

A standard lumen is the amount of light that hits one square foot of a surface that is one foot away from the light source, which means the higher the number, the more illumination. There are several established online lighting suppliers, and their websites are full of technical information about the efficiency of all types of lighting.

Oyster lights

These circular or other shaped creations are fixed to the ceiling, and provide adequate general lighting for any room, and with dimmable 14watt LED oysters, one can achieve the right amount of ambient light, while also allowing for task lighting if needed. If a person requires some serious task lighting, LED downlights are the best selection, and with a narrow beam spread, they can be quite high, and yet still provide the right amount of light. For those who like the comfort of armchair shopping, you can buy your oyster lights online, delivered in Sydney, which is the ultimate in shopping convenience.

Warm or cool white?

Warm light is generally a softer light, and is preferable for bedrooms and perhaps the lounge, while cool light has a higher lumen count, and is ideal for task lighting in kitchens and dining rooms. The LED lumen range starts at 350, and goes as high as 900 for exterior lighting, so it is important to look at the lumen value before purchasing.

Design options

If one is looking to revamp the home, the right lighting can go a long way to achieving just that, and if one is looking for oyster lights in Sydney, there are online suppliers who can deliver to your door. The range of interior and exterior lighting allows for any design concept to be complemented, and changing to LED will also give the homeowner significant savings on energy bills, and this is ongoing.

In conclusion, LED downlights are not that much brighter than oyster lights, but they can project a beam of light to provide more illumination for task lighting, and with a combination of both, one can create the right ambience in any setting.

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