Classic Living Room Design

Classic Living Room Design

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The look of the living room design ensures classic opulence with a rhythm. The blend of modern furnishings, pieces, de-clutter, paneling speaks volumes in this design. The central focus of the living room stands out over the centralized heating system. The sofa sets are the boxed in look with throw cushions completing the routine.

Walls are a mix of ivory and beige with paintings gracing both ends. The center table has six legs, rather different from the run of the mill four legged ones we are used to. Greenery is not encouraged in the room as the flooring is intricately designed wooden flooring made from rich well treated wood. A simple vase with home-made spun pieces completes the artistic look. Curtains from the high ceiling are velvet with a basic braid tied keeping the glare of the sun away from the living room. Lighting is a well toned hue and the two lampshades blend with the ambience of the room.

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