Mesmerizing new age design for living room

Mesmerizing new age design for living room

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This living room is a balanced conjunction of the old with the new, with classics in design like a small stairway leading to another sitting space, complete with an intricately patterned balustrade. The overhead lights set in their niches on the ceiling, marvellously offset the walls, all in shades of cream.

The sofa sets, perched on their chrome legs are alternated by deep green and cream cushions, upon a vibrant yellow carpet, keeping in style with the ochre of the stairway. A small glass table, with an elevated wooden panel is quite an innovation in living room furniture. The most sensational item in the room is the half moon shaped glass window in the background of the living room, overlooking the shimmering lights of the skyscrapers and the night that paints a pretty picture, one that is much more beautiful than the ones hanging on the walls within the room.

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