Plush living quarters for a spacious home

Plush living quarters for a spacious home

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The living room in any home forms the focus of the house; a common space for members of the family and friends to have a heated discussion over a cup of tea and also to welcome guests and colleagues, to invite them to your home. This single living space in your entire home is an immediate reflection of your tastes and sensibilities.

This particular living room gives one a sense of spaciousness and luxury, with the plush sofa sets and a smooth oak panelled wall lined with paintings. The globular lamp suspended from the ceiling lends a sophisticated feel to the interiors, with the decorative houseplants giving it an organic look. The pale marble floors along with the walls of the room follow a soothing colour scheme in various shades of pastel, which complements the swatches of colour in the form of the deep, rich brown of the best quality wood panels and the green glow of the glass.

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