Modern Living Room Design - Different Angle

Modern Living Room Design – Different Angle

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Attention to detail and modernization take on the theme in this living room design that is portrayed from a different angle. The Low platform sofa set and the rectangle loveseat cushioned stool echo the sharp theme. The focus wall in a geometric design is a platform to display beautiful photographs and simple artwork in this living room design.

Ceiling lamps illuminate the living room. The large windows echo a dreamy air with the curtains arresting the barrage of the harsh sun. The color scheme for the walls is light beige that blends beautifully. The ceiling has a blue panel that radiates a different aura in the living room design. An open shelf cupboard to house small articles to display is positioned close to the sofa set for an easy reach if required. The piece de resistance no doubt is the zebra look carpet in the living room design portrayed above.

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