Stylish cum comfortable sofa set

Stylish cum comfortable sofa set

Feb 25 • Drawing Room Designs • 4315 Views • No Comments on Stylish cum comfortable sofa set

A warm feeling is always accepted over harsh and rude one. Some simple colors give perfect warmth to individuals. This particular design of cream and tomato red is eye catching as well as simple and smooth. The curvy designs of the sofa along with such sweet colors give the most appreciable look to it.

Also the pillows are not perfectly rectangular in shape thus giving a rough yet elegant look. The shining steel rods under the sofa are an add-on to the sofa which makes them easy to move from one place to another in less time. The shade lamps above the sofa are a masterpiece in itself as the light is emitted from the center of the white lamp and the light is so bright that it is overcoming the lighter white shade of the wall.

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