Living room with futuristic design

Living room with futuristic design

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This living room is a classic example of the avante garde innovations in interior design, which delves into cutting-edge design and appeal, for a futuristic look. The pale blue walls of the room, lend to it an ethereal, yet eerie feeling, as if one set in a science fiction novel. The sectioned and focussed lighting from various parts of the wall and d├ęcor highlights certain sections of the room, while strategically keeping others in dark.

The living room opens into a dining area, where the dinner table and the low lying couches are set upon an elevated platform that is built into the wall, enhancing the new age look. Odd knick-knacks, like the long sculptures are a work of abstract art, installed across the room. The bight auburn furniture, set against the glass panelled windows set the mood for a perfect cup of coffee on a rainy day, while the sensational lighting turns this room into nothing short of mesmerising!

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