marvelous dining room

Marvelous dining room

Nov 6 • Drawing Room Designs • 1670 Views • 2 Comments on Marvelous dining room

The Dining is the place were family comes together and spends time and have some food. One of the thrilling ways to add drama to the dining room is by using bold and dark colors on the wall. Dark wall shades look particularly attractive when lights are used during the evening and dining hours. A formal touch is given by the dark wall shades of the house by creating a variety of decorative effects.

To emphasize dark colored walls the attractive painting are used to enhance its attractiveness. The stylish chairs and Table becomes more attractive due to the use of the beautiful carpet on the flooring. Dark wall shades look more attractive especially when lights are used during the sunset and dining hours. The interior used gives the entire room a new look and makes it more comfortable. The Windows and the special deck shaped room makes is the cheer on the cake. It makes the lavish look of the room complete.

2 Responses to Marvelous dining room

  1. Johan says:

    Could you tell me the color and brand of paint you used in the walls of this dining room?
    Thank you

  2. Harry says:

    Thanks Johan for showing interest in our House Interior Picture Collection. Unfortunately these Pictures are submitted by users. U can Download the bigger image Clicking ” 1024 x 768 ” link button and find out the colors by matching them with the brands available near your location.

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