A Sophisticated living room design

A Sophisticated living room design

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This living room is the last word in luxury living, with sophisticated furnishing styles and designs that seem to have been imbibed from classy home and décor magazines. This room is distinctively different from others due to its chic design, be it the inlaid wood furniture or the comfortable couches. The furniture, mostly in wood is a pale pastel colour with a matte finish.

The couches are in grey, look very fashionable, and are in the beanbag style, while the carpet beneath them is a ruffled grey with a soft and feathery texture for a leisurely time in the evening. There is an entertainment unit facing the couches and is surrounded by little odds and ends like a set of small earthen vases, that add to the beauty of the room. Light and airy blinds protect the room from excessive sunshine during the intensive heat of the noon.

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