Airy and lively living room

Airy and lively living room

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This small living room uses some of the oldest tricks in interior design history to get over the problem of space considerations. The furniture, design and arrangement of the room accessories all display instances of the optimal use of space. The sitting area comprises of a reclining armchair hoisted on chrome legs and stands next to a box table that is fashionably designed, with white engravings and paintings all over its sides.

The carpet follows the colour scheme of the table and keeps to a cloudy grey. The flooring is again in rich, dark wood and retains the glossy finish of well-polished oak wood. The entertainment unit sits atop a wooden ledge attached to the wall and is surrounded by exquisite pieces of art and sculpture set in the wooden counters and ledges against the wall. White curtains in a nice flowing fabric obstruct the intense rays of the sun from increasing the stuffiness in the room.

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