Space optimising living room

Space optimising living room

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This lounging room cum reception area is a classic example of how we can make maximum utilization of the space we have, using certain interior designing skills. The positioning of the white, cosy sofa-chairs set against the marble tiled walls is a clear indication of the space consideration kept in mind.

The marble tiles in the background are perfectly offset by the rich brown shades of the mahogany doors, the polished wooden floor and the tables in different sections of the living room. The bright white focussed lighting from the twin lamps set upon a panel against the wall highlights the pristine white sofa-chairs. The staircase which runs up to the next floor, is set in wood with a plain balustrade and steel lining, altogether giving the room a very interesting twist. The lighting at the base of the walls is yet another innovative design detail that should be considered by the skilled eye.

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