A Rich Living Room Design

A Rich Living Room Design

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Here a color there a color everywhere a color… Not really, but the initial thought when you look at this living room design projects myriad colors when in reality the flooring throws out the entire picture. The flooring made up of the best designer and treated wood has a bronze red look to it and covers every nook and corner in this living room design.

Balancing the rich hue of the wooden flooring the glass doors strike the balance. No curtains for the windows. The focal ceiling lights are interspersed in a strategic line adding uniformity. Nestled against the bare wall is an informative painting that adds to the luster of the room. Lampshades are simple in design and brand. The curved black wrought iron railing stands alone amidst the splendor. A wooden table to accommodate private reading away from the main living room area is a nice idea replete with a pastel rug.

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