Balancing the two worlds

Balancing the two worlds

Jun 22 • Drawing Room Designs • 1609 Views • No Comments on Balancing the two worlds

This is the dream living room; the edginess alone will suffice your desires. You can devour the blue shades of calm or the hard wood edgy feel of this room. The state-of-the-art technology and the old world aura of wood makes this the ideal bachelor’s den. The bedding gives you the illusion of the underwater magical blue; the lights play on to your senses.

The grey black design at the forefront, with a little bit of white thrown in, will appeal to anybody who desires comfort and style. What really holds your attention, though, is the decorative use of plain wood, set to the contrasting feel of glass and gadgetry. The black statue and serpent-like wooden chair are brilliantly poised against each other in this modern day wonder. The room is a living example of breathing living room space, balancing utilitarian modernity with simplistic feel of the old world.

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