Stylish furniture jazzing up the living room

Stylish furniture jazzing up the living room

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A room is merely a ceiling and a floor, brought together by four walls. Nevertheless, it is much more than a room, when set in a home and brought alive by our tastes and sensibilities, through little personal effects and furniture that we deem fit for our use. Living room furniture has a very important role to play in lending a character to the room as is seen in this example.

The dining table, perched upon tapering wooden legs, is overlain by a glass top and quite resonates with the general metallic grey theme of the room. The vase is set into a hollow niche in the wall, beside the entertainment unit overlooking the seating area. A large opening in the background wall overlooks the dimly lit corridor, with dark glass panelled windows along the length of it. Three floral framed photographs set vertically against the wall overlooking the dining area complete the contemporary look of the room.

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