A spacious living room design

A spacious living room design

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A living room forms the heart of a house; a sanctum of sorts where family and friends sit together for a cup of coffee or and discuss life and living in general. This living room design immediately catches the eye because of the spaciousness of the room, combined with the luxurious interiors, with very artfully installed design pieces, be it the patterned overhead lighting on the ceiling or the indoor plant arrangement.

The animal print carpet on the floor, in black and white brings out the contrast of the pale pastel shades of the room beautifully. The minimalistic design of the room due to its vast interior and strategically placed furniture will undoubtedly provide an undeniable allure to people with a well-developed aesthetic sense, especially the white topped metallic table complimented by a lovely flower arrangement. The plush sofa set sits diametrically opposite to a sophisticated entertainment unit for a complete evening experience.

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