Living room with clean cut lines

Living room with clean cut lines

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The living room is the focal area of a house, a room for chatting up old friends and colleagues or engaging in a quiet discussion with the family. It should be designed with a sensibility that resonates our lifestyle and stature. This living room almost resembles the plush interiors of a hotel that exudes a high aesthetic sense, which undoubtedly displays the sound acumen of high-class interior designers.

The room is marked by the clean and simple grace of sleek lines that predominates the setting, be it the straight lines of the seating arrangement or the angles of quaint looking television set in white. The walls are adorned with identical paintings in black and white, which sets off the monochrome very well. The overhead lighting is the result of breakthroughs in home lighting technology and design, with a variety of lighting sources being used in the same room. The best feature of the living room is probably the fact that it is open and spacious and overlooks other quarters of the house.

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