A Classical Living Room

A Classical Living Room

Feb 5 • Drawing Room Designs • 1497 Views • No Comments on A Classical Living Room

This small living room is seperiorly classy and appealng because of its colors and furniture. The highlight of this room is the beautiful sculpting on the ceiling of the living room. The colors are mixture of classic and vibrant, therefore they are adding more spark to a small livng place. The centre table in sea green is matched with the indoor plant which gives a scenic beauty to the room.

The two decorating lamps are simple and stylish and are perfect to maintain the mood of the room. A multipupose television rack is best suited in its place and serves the multipurpose need of this room. The shape of the living room is quite distinct and mutiple small windows are a good replacement to a single large window. The texture of the sofa is brilliant and the lining make them more simple and beautiful. The flower vase too is fine-looking piece in the room.

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