Luxurious ambience of this living room

Luxurious ambience of this living room

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A well designed living room is dream of everyone. Living room with marvelous interior design is the pride of a house owner. Living room is used for many purposes such as welcoming guests, reading, watching television and family get-together. Hence designing a living room carefully becomes necessary by taking care of its ambience as well as functionality.

This design is especially for those who want simplicity. Light tertiary colors are used for peace of mind. One of the walls is converted in to French window panel for air, light and outside view. Plain ceiling adds simplicity and gentleness. Delicate ceiling lamp adds more beauty to the room. Sofa set is placed at one end of the room to allow more space. Marble floor is well matching with colors of the walls. You can hang your choice of paintings behind the wall of sofa set. Use of carpet as well as tree pot is optional and depends on the taste of user.

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