Charming look with bright colors

Charming look with bright colors

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Living room interior designing is a big yet interesting issue for every house owner. Everyone wants a different look for their living room. After all living room is the face of any house. Outsiders presume status of the house owner from living room interior. This design is for those who want something different. Arrangement of sofa set is such that everyone can chat with each other in comfort.

Floor of room is of highly polished oak hardwood. Television is placed exactly opposite to sofa set, so that everyone can enjoy it. The walls of room are painted with ivory colors. Necessary furniture is provided near the dining area to display decorative items and other things. Dining area is connected with living room. Tree plantation is placed near the sofa set for greenery effect. Lamps are hanged on ceiling of the room for proper lighting. Exclusive paintings are hanged on the walls which show your love for art.

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