Serene Living Room Design

Serene Living Room Design

Apr 27 • Drawing Room Designs • 3351 Views • No Comments on Serene Living Room Design

This living room speaks volumes about the serene style of interior design, which uses the play of colours to create a particular look and ambience in the house. The colour scheme is a strict white, as one can see with the immaculately whitewashed walls, the white television set and the white furniture surrounding it.

The dull monotony of the colour is however broken well, with the use of houseplants, which adds a touch of the vivacious green to the room. Furthermore, the striped use of black and grey on the sofa set, along with the fiery yellow and orange cushions offset the theme of the room perfectly. The floor is a richly polished shade of oak brown. The use of unique pieces of room accessory like the ornamental vase, or the intricately painted plaque in the background is fascinating and requires a well-developed sense of aesthetics.

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