Simple and uncluttered living room design

Simple and uncluttered living room design

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The living room is the centrepiece of a functioning household, the one room in the whole house that brings the others together. It show cases some of the living characteristics of the house and portrays the kind of aesthetic value as has been imbibed by the owners of the house. This living room design reflects a kind of uncluttered simplicity that is much rooted for these days, be it the optimal use of space, the well thought out room plan, the plain, yet useful furniture, etc.

The room’s background in shades of white and gray are offset by the black and gray centre settee along with the riot of colours in yellow and orange that one sees on the cushions. The heavenly dark, green of the houseplant complements these fiery colours marvellously. The carpet is a vertically striped marvel in shades of pastel, and keeps quite to the theme of the room. There is ample amount of sunshine, filtering into the room through large glass doors.

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