Cosy setting for a living room

Cosy setting for a living room

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This is a small, yet cosy design for a living room, meant to invite guests and entertain friends and family as well. The plush sofa sets look not only comfortable, but also luxurious, with exotic designs on the cushions. The flaming red on the wall behind the sofa set is a smart use of colour in this otherwise plain room.

The rug on the brown wood floors, with a matching red rim, brings out the red of the walls quite well. The centrepiece of furniture being the deep brown table is perched on small chrome legs with a very polished tabletop surface that reflects almost like glass. The ball lamp, suspended from a fashionably curved stalk is a smart new twist in this conventional living room design. A small lamp also hangs from the ceiling while most of the lighting is provided by tubes hidden by wall panels.

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