A cool innovation in living room design

A cool innovation in living room design

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This room is the perfect abode for the cool techno junkies and entertainment fans, with the latest in line widescreen television sets and surround sound speakers. The entertainment unit, which is grand, to say the least, faces a humble sitting area, with plush and soft couches surrounding a small wooden centre table in polished wood.

The entertainment unit is mounted upon a wooden table with chrome legs. The walls are kept muted, with pale shades of cream and yellow to mellow down the rich ambience of the room. The spiral stairway provides the stylish deviation that is required by the room, almost resembling an arty installation from the distance. The wooden floors emit the polished sheen of well-maintained and high quality oak. A modular kitchen and dining table can be seen in the background, which opens out into the living room.

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