A sunny room displaying the joie de vivre!

A sunny room displaying the joie de vivre!

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At first sight, this room reminds one of the tranquillity and the solemnity of the sea, with its sand coloured ambience and the dazzling sunshine pouring in through the glass sliding doors that open into a spacious balcony. This living room is an eclectic mix of impeccable taste in interior design and an intelligent use of space, furnishing the room with plush decorations, yet at the same time, maintaining enough living space for one to exercise the mind and body.

The sofa set is a comfortable one, with a lavish use of cushions for the added luxury of sprawling out over the leisurely weekends. The centre table is a smart new design in living room furniture hoisted on chrome legs. The parallel lines on the room are exquisite, be it the carpet, the table, the sliding door or the glass painting on the wall.

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